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This is part 2 of a 2-part series on imagination and manifestation. If you haven’t read the first part then I highly encourage you to do so before reading on. You can read the first part by clicking here!

So we’ve imagined all these things are possible. We’ve accepted the possibility and allowed it to hang out in our minds for a bit. But how do we take it from the step of imagination to the step of manifestation? Let’s explore…

Feeling safe even when the News tells you otherwise.

This can be a challenging one but let’s dive into it! Safe and Secure (as it relates to our self esteem) is actually an inherent quality of ours. Meaning that the starting place is that we are always safe and secure even when we FEEL otherwise. That’s why “safe” isn’t really a feeling but more of a judgement or an observation. Often times when we say we don’t feel safe, actually what we’re saying is that we feel afraid or scared.

In reality and as it relates to our self esteem we are always safe. There’s nothing you can do for your self esteem to be more or less safe, it just is. So the next time the News comes on and talks about all this crime acknowledge your feeling of fear arise but also affirm that you are inherently safe.

Acknowledging that fear is present will allow yourself to be both safe and feel your feeling at the same time. This is a stark contrast to what normally happens which is that we confuse how we feel (scared) with who we are and start living as though we are not safe.

You are not your feelings! Feel the fear AND acknowledge that you are always safe.

Hugging (connecting) to others without it implying anything sexual.

We’re completely mixed up in this society, confusing just about any type of affection with sex. Physical connection is something we all yearn for at birth and something that should be protected not thrown out and confused for inappropriate behavior. We use jokes and sarcasm (especially as it relates to touch and sex) as a form of passive aggressive behavior.

We’re normally so uncomfortable with physical affection (non-sexual) that we just have to act out. Accept yourself as connected to others. Accept yourself as an affectionate being who respects others and yourself. When you do this, you can allow yourself to experience love in the form of physical, non-sexual affection from others. This might be extremely uncomfortable at first but in order to accept your true connected self you must first sit in the discomfort of the person you’ve abandoned long ago.

Go back to that little child inside of yourself and check in with what they want and need. Most of our inner children are longing for some affection from those closest to us as a form of loving expression. Today, find a close friend or family member and ask them to share a hug. If the jokes or the sarcasm come up in your head, let them go. Remind yourself that your inner child deserves this affection and that the old passive aggressive behavior doesn’t serve you anymore.

Feeling wanted even when no one told you they wanted you.

You were born important. This is an inherent quality of everyone born on this planet. That means, you matter! If you’re still confused about this, consider that it’s literally a miracle that any child is even born. If you’re still not convinced, my wife and I went through 4 failed IUI’s and a miscarriage over a 4-year period before either of our children were born.

If you made it to planet earth, then clearly you are important and you matter! If this is the starting place in our lives then that also means we don’t have to do anything for it to be true. It’s simply true because we were born on this planet. Therefore, it’s completely irrelevant if anyone claims to want you or not want you. What others want has absolutely nothing to do with your value of importance in this world.

Feel sad, disappointed, angry, or grief that he or she didn’t “want” you but celebrate that you were and always will be important!

We are all connected and have a right to show it.

We often forget that we’re all connected. This has been proven from a quantum physical perspective as well as substantiated in the spiritual/philosophical realm. However, we’re taught from a very young age that we’re separate from others and that we have to compete with them to determine who is better than or less than. This couldn’t be further from how nature designed us though. When we accept we are whole and connected as a starting place in our life then we don’t need to fall into the illusion of separation.

One common way we separate from others is by judging them. It’s so easy to do and happens even without us noticing it. However, when we judge we’re not only separating ourselves from others but we’re abandoning ourselves. Our inherent nature says that we’re connected and compassionate. Yet, to judge is to disconnect and clearly we can’t have compassion for others while at the same time judging them.

The next time you find the urge to judge someone else, accept that there is internal conflict inside of you that is looking for some attention. Show compassion for others, knowing they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. Return to that discomfort that’s calling your attention and find out what inside of you needs some healing attention.

We are all connected and the only time we are separate is when there is discord and unrest in our own hearts.

Everyone you meet is good.

Good is an inherent quality of ours. There isn’t a baby that is born who is inherently bad. Every person born is good and because this is an inherent rite it also means there’s nothing that baby needs to do or not do to substantiate that.

The rub isn’t in whether a person is good or bad but rather in what they do. Good people do bad things. We too easily confuse what we do and what others do with who they are. The starting place isn’t what you do, the starting place is who you are. People can’t change, only their actions can. Typically those actions are a reflection of their own level of self awareness.

Consider next time you see someone doing something bad that they are a good person who is confused and not acting in alignment with their inherent self. When you see the goodness in others it will really change your life and the world around you. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change.”

Finding the support in others who want the best for you.

Too often we surround ourselves with people who bring out the worst in us. Those same people are the ones who don’t see us for who we are but for what we do. However, in order to foster the loving types of relationships we all long for we need to be connected to those that truly see us.

This can be the hardest thing to do for some of us but freeing ourselves from harmful and/or inappropriate relationships is the first step toward living the life we want. There are others out there who are dying to see the goodness in you and who’s goodness is shining bright for you to see. The key is to get out from under the darkness of the shallow relationships you may have today. Get a glimpse of that light and your future will shine!

You don’t have get everything just right.

Perfectionism is rampant in our society and yet it’s almost joked about as something that’s “par for the course”. However, underneath that perfectionism lies a very insecure and unsettled soul. Fallibility is an inherent quality of ours. That means that we get to make mistakes as part of being human.

Too often we define who we are with what we do. If we don’t get it perfect than it means that we’re not perfect. Well guess what? We’re all perfectly imperfect which means we get to get it wrong by design. This will take lots of practice but the first step is to accept that you are not what you do. If you make a mistake or it’s not “just right” that’s okay.

If you want to manifest the life you truly desire than you need to accept yourself as you are. You are a Human Being and not a Human Doing. So don’t get it right and allow life to unfold naturally instead of trying to control and stop the flow of what’s coming your way.

Your dreams aren’t stuck in your sleep.

Your life is lived in every moment. Right now in the very moment you’re reading this article is your life! The Beautiful thing about moments is that every moment is an opportunity to choose. Most of the time our choices aren’t even in our conscious. We’re so conditioned to respond to life that we can go hours without even realizing or thinking about what we’re doing. It’s like we’re on auto-pilot most of the time.

Dreams live in our unconscious and are just waiting to surface yet in order for us to allow that we need to get out of this world of conditioned living. We need to become more aware of the moments we’re living in and allow ourselves to make the choices appropriate for the life we want. Even if you’ve been living the conditioned life I’ve been talking about, right now is  a new moment. And right now you get to make a new choice that will get you one step closer to that dream. Before you take that step finish reading this article though! 😉

Reminders of how magnificent you are every day.

You were born magnificent just as you were with the other inherent qualities I shared with you today. It’s hard for many of us to claim we are magnificent because we get stuck in that “less than/better than” pattern. This isn’t about comparing you to someone else and this isn’t about being better than or less than. We are all magnificent and we all should celebrate this inherent truth.

If you have trouble reminding yourself of this than go find someone who will. You know you have real friends if they can remind you of this. No, not in the egotistical type of way but in the way that reminds you how special you truly are. If you’re having trouble finding close friends than join organizations, visit websites or even Facebook groups.

How are we supposed to manifest the vision for our lives if we can’t accept and celebrate what’s true about us? What’s true about you is exactly the same as what’s true about me and that’s that we’re both Magnificent!

You are no longer victim to your circumstances.

Life isn’t about what happens to us, it’s about how we respond to those things. After all, I can’t control whether someone is going to try and take advantage of me later today but I can certainly control my response to that. It’s so easy to put ourselves in the victim state though because often times, it’s the easiest thing to do.

Whenever we blame others we’re putting ourselves in the victim state. The problem with being a victim is that you have to wait for someone to come and rescue you. What’s worse is that no one is coming to rescue you! Why? Because you’re not a victim, you only think you are! So today, make a commitment to stop the blaming of other people and other situations for your lack of response. Remember, we get to choose our response to the things that happen to us.

I hope you’ve found the theme throughout this post as I have. That theme is that we are not what we think, what we feel, or what we do. Nope. You and I are magnificent, connected, loving, lovable, important, fallible, enough, worthy, and valuable people. It doesn’t matter what we do, what we think or what we feel and all those things are always true.

The key to manifesting the dreams we so desire is not in reaching “out there” for it but rather reaching inside. When we accept all these truths about ourselves we become in alignment with nature and the world around us. Things will start to transpire as a result of that alignment.

Life isn’t about achievements, acknowledgements, awards, roles, status, or money. Life is about accepting our own truth and allowing the gifts to open up around us naturally. If you’re not seeing those gifts you dream about at least you know you where and how to find them.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,




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